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"Recently there was an unusual story about an American bald eagle on the loose from a local bird of prey centre here in Central Scotland, what a sight that must have been, and the connection with 'Eagle' is pretty obvious. This track features percussive acoustic guitar reminiscent of the band America, and this goes hand-in-hand with soaring flute and Mellotron to transmit the sense of the bird in flight; Mellotron seems to come with the territory here but I don't go along with the saying that you can have too much of a good thing, besides which these guys do everything with such style." - seventhsojourn, ProgArchives

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"Holy crap is this album good." 
    - yankeeskrd (Progressive Ears) 

"...a solid, refreshingly sweet progressive rock album..." 
"...exceeds expectations by consistently delivering great music with every song..." 
   - Dante's Prog Blog Inferno (US) 

"Play this album on your good sound system, not just on your computer. It is worth it!" 
"...a wonderful album that deserves a lot more attention." 
   - Progwereld (Netherlands) 

"Great listening throughout." 
"This is ProgYes's favourite type of prog music. Buy this album." 
   - ProgYes (UK) 

"...sublime, richly textured and superbly crafted music..." 
"Definitely, one of the most fascinating and diverse prog-releases I have heard for a long time." 
   - Marygold (Turn It On Again) 

"An album that I immediately liked from the very first time I heard it. Amazing debut." 
   - Endeavor (Progressive Ears)