1. Eagle

From the recording Balloon Astronomy

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Jim Ledger: Vocals, bass, guitar.
Glenn Little: Keyboards, guitar, flute.
Nick D'Virgilio: Drums, percussion.

Words and music by Glenn Little.
Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser.


One time I thought a dream was true
In a shower of sparks and a swirl of brilliant leaves
And at night the stars all came out to dance
But then a cold wind blew and it was gone

Cold and heavy
Like a curtain pulled
Blotting out the stars
Seven times an eagle calls
Echoes drift through empty hills
Dark wind whispers quietly in the cold

Shivers turn to nothing
Dreams and nightmares always fade
Seven times an eagle calls
The stars come out again

The first snowflake on a gentle day
Now wings stretched wide to the warming sun
The eagle flies away