Jim Ledger: Vocals, bass, guitars. 
Glenn Little: Keyboards, flutes. 


Nick D’Virgilio: Drums and percussion. 
Jason Smith: Drums and percussion. 
Mike Keneally: Acoustic guitar. 
Max Werner: Clarinet.



Balloon Astronomy hails from San Diego, California, the collaboration of long-time friends who share a love of the music of the classic progressive era. 

Jim and Glenn met in junior high and discovered that they both avidly listened to the classic prog bands of the 70’s. Genesis would prove to have the most resonance, but Jethro Tull, Strawbs, Anthony Phillips, Mike Oldfield, Supertramp, Renaissance, Cat Stevens, and Elton John were also strong early influences. 

Through high school and college they jammed with like-minded friends, then began crafting their own compositions. As their influences have widened to include, among others, Spock’s Beard, Kevin Gilbert, Porcupine Tree, Eleven, Neil Finn, and Muse, they continue to write, exploring mood and seeking to tap into the emotional response evoked by the music that inspires them.