From the recording Balloon Astronomy

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Jim Ledger: Vocals, bass, guitar.
Glenn Little: Keyboards, tin whistle, backing vocals.
Nick D'Virgilio: Drums, percussion.
Harry Johnson: Backing vocals.

Words and music by Jim Ledger and Glenn Little.
Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser.


Staring at the mirror
And counting all his money
Lonely Fletcher knew no way else to be

Set his hat on his head
Always noticed who was watching
As he stepped into the daytime for a walk

Sigmoid Fletcher has his eye on everybody
Stares unblinking 'round a crooked smile
Ring his rosie, he'll fill your pockets full of posies
Saves his pennies for a rainy day

He struts when he moves
He dares you not to notice
But he doesn't seem to see that no one cares

His first aim, to impress
Make you think he's important
In the end though all he did was lose himself

Sigmoid Fletcher keeps the ancient fires burning
Runs in circles, he's on the job all day
Prod him gently, he'll tell you what he thinks about it
Pearls of wisdom, he'll take your breath away