1. One Summer

From the recording Balloon Astronomy

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Jim Ledger: Vocals, bass.
Glenn Little: Keyboards, electric guitar, autoharp.
Mike Keneally: Acoustic guitar.
Jason Smith: Drums, percussion.

Words and music by Glenn Little.
Mixed by Bernie Torelli. Mastered by Rich Mouser.


Her mother told her once about people when they die
And how they get to play in the stars
And at twilight you might see them
Where the clouds glow orange and gold

Soon the summer came, on bright green hills we ran
With our kites playing in the breeze
Fields of yellow flowers that were higher than our heads
And chasing painted butterflies and laughing in the sun

As the days grew long her mother seemed so tired
She stayed inside and left us on our own
And then one day she told us that she never would get well
She said she'd be an angel sometime soon
But at twilight she'd watch over us
When the sky glows orange and gold

The last day of October came, a warm and quiet night
And hiding just behind the trees, a giant orange moon
So she put on paper wings and made a halo out of wire
Then smiled at my cowboy hat and shiny silver star

On the way home across the field we stopped to watch the train
We heard the engine's rumble somewhere near
Then as we heard the whistle blow she pointed to the stars
She said she'd go and wait there for her mom
Then the train came and she ran from me
Turning once to wave goodbye

I was frozen by the shaking ground
The whistle's scream burned through my mind
There was nothing I could do

You took away our childhood then
You looked so small
Torn from my life
All broken on the tracks

Then November came, torn and dirty skies
Dead leaves swirled around my feet, I shivered all alone
For years I've missed her, oh how I've missed her
Now the sun's so far and cold
But someday I will find her
Where the clouds glow orange and gold